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ETIRA at remanexpo: Booth, Board and Member meetings, Sunday Cocktail/ The Recycler Awards, and Member networking

Market players adjusting to the new normal – German customs checked booths of SE Asian exporters for illegal cartridges – ETIRA presentation  –  ETIRA Board meeting

From 27 to 30 January, ETIRA again exhibited at the 2018 remanexpo at the international trade show Paperworld. This largest European show for office supplies was held at Frankfurter Messe in Frankfurt, Germany. We met with many Members, several prospects, OEM rep’s, and distributed flyers urging visitors to buy remanufactured cart’s and services from ETIRA Members only. We also handed out ETIRA’s “Guide to Clones”.  On Sunday, there was the traditional ETIRA Cocktail, jointly with the festive The Recycler Awards ceremony. Over 150 persons met at this “must attend” industry networking opportunity. Please refer to industry magazine The Recycler for more details. The Cocktail was kindly sponsored by Messe Frankfurt: many thanks to them, and to the organisers of the The Recycler team !            booth   Cocktail

Our meetings with industry members indicated that they are adjusting to the new market normal. Although the presence of non-OEM newbuilts on W-European markets again increased somewhat in 2017 (after a stabilisation in 2015/2016), remanufacturers are dealing with that challenge, and with the stiff competition from the OEM’s.  German customs and OEM lawyers were also “on site”, checking booths of SE Asian exporters for the presence of illegal cartridges. And ETIRA’s Vincent van Dijk presented (PDF available from the Secretariat) ETIRA’s work for the industry and why you need to be a member. In addition, the Board of Directors of ETIRA met on Sunday to discuss latest market news, member issues, upcoming Board member elections, and our 2018 activities. They were four full and useful days ! More details ? Ask ETIRA,

ETIRA flyerETIRA flyer supporting remanufactured cartridges 

ETIRA has a flyer that tells the reader to buy their remans only from ETIRA members. As an easy- hand out,  the flyer lists the benefits of remanufactured cartridges compared to OEM and compatibles. The flyer can be downloaded by clicking here !


ETIRA responds to recent HP flyer on cartridges

General marketing speak is OK, but you cannot say things that are not true. ETIRA regrets that HP’s new product marketing material is again lowering the bar. Their September 2017 flyer on printer cartridges may be generally correct on clones and counterfeits, but speaks nonsense on remanufactured cartridges: it is a baseless generalization, which gets it wrong on all three counts: quality, safety and environment.

On quality, because since the 1990’s, 3rd party cartridge remanufacturers have held a 20-30% market share in toners and 15-20% in inkjets and is now a 2bn euro industry in Europe. So remanufacturers must be doing something right in terms of quality. And like the OEM’s, remanufacturers comply with the ISO cartridge yield standards.

On safety and quality, because most remanufacturers produce according to DIN, Nordic Ecolabel, STMC, ISO 9003, and other international safety and quality standards.

On environment, because we adhere to ISO 14001, Blue Angel, Nordic Ecolabel and similar standards. Most environment standard are only available to reuse cartridges, because by definition, they are more environment-friendly than new cartridges !  And it is only thanks to 3rd party remanufacturers that 20-30% of cartridges are not being landfilled after 1st use, but get a 2nd and subsequent life, reducing their environmental footprint while offering customer choice.  No printer manufacturer matches that environmental performance.

ETIRA thinks the flyer contradicts earlier HP viewpoints. In 2015, HP sued a company in the Netherlands because it sold new non-HP cartridges but labeled them as “totally rebuilt”. But as HP does not offer remanufactured HP cartridges, ETIRA saw this court case as support to the remanufactured cartridge industry. Why else would they spend the time and cost of a court case ?

ETIRA reached out to HP management to stress that the flyer is misleading and constitutes false advertising, and must be reworded.


Welcome to the website of ETIRA ! Here you can find all you need to know about the reuse of cartridges.

Re-use your cartridges: Less expensive, and environment-friendly!!

When a printer cartridge has been fully used, it can be remanufactured to be used again several times. This is a cost-effective and environmental-friendly alternative to buying a new cartridge. On this website you will find all the information you need about the remanufacturing of cartridges.


ETIRA is short for European Toner & Inkjet Remanufacturers Association. ETIRA represents the interests of the European inkjet and toner cartridge remanufacturers and related service providers/compatibles manufacturers, etc. in Europe. Created in 2003, ETIRA members now account for over 40% of industry turnover. Today, ETIRA is the recognized industry body for all topics affecting cartridge remanufacturing. A non-profit organisation in accordance with Belgian law, its statutory seat is Brussels, with a Secretary General’s office in Breda, The Netherlands. Read more…

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