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Welcome to the website of ETIRA ! Here you can find all you need to know about the reuse of cartridges.

Re-use your cartridges: Less expensive, and environment-friendly!!

When a printer cartridge has been fully used, it can be remanufactured to be used again several times. This is a cost-effective and environmental-friendly alternative to buying a new cartridge. On this website you will find all the information you need about the remanufacturing of cartridges.

ETIRA at 2017 remanexpo@paperworld:  4-day Booth, Board and Member meetings, Cocktail and Member networking  – ETIRA presentation

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Late January 2017, ETIRA again exhibited at the 2017 remanexpo trade show at Paperworld. This largest European show for office supplies was held at Frankfurter Messe in Frankfurt, Germany. We met with scores of Members and prospects, and distributed flyers urging visitors to buy remanufactured and services from ETIRA Members only. We also handed out ETIRA’s “Guide to Clones”(which is also available from our website in 11 languages).

On Sunday, ETIRA hosted its meanwhile traditional “ETIRA Cocktail. Over 140 industry delegates (remanufacturers’, suppliers of components, ink/toner producers, empty collectors, and even several OEM’s !) enjoyed the opportunity to network and exchange business cards…..The drink was combined with the ceremony of The Recycler industry awards. Please refer to The Recycler for details and a list of the winners. The Cocktail was kindly sponsored by Messe Frankfurt: many thanks to them, and to the organisers of the Recycler team !

On Sunday afternoon, the ETIRA Board of Directors met. We discussed many issues, including market developments, standardization, circular economy, membership criteria, etc. etc.

During the show’s seminar programme, ETIRA’s Vincent van Dijk presented on ETIRA and its many activities. On Saturday and again on Monday, we briefed the audience on what we do for the industry, and why you need yo be a member. Qualifying organisations may ask us for the presentation,


ETIRA/THE RECYCLER FOE June 2016 conference in Lisbon brings industry together

Record turnout at networking event:  100+ delegates attend  – ETIRA elects new Board of Directors – Lifetime achievement award for David Connett and 10- year presidency anniversary award for Christian Wernhart 

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Learning latest industry developments, networking over drinks and dinner, and the ETIRA Lifetime Achievement Award for ETIRA founder David Connett, who stepped down as its Vice-Pesident. There was also an Award for Christian Wernhart, who celebrated 10 years as President of ETIRA

On 16-17 June 2016, ETIRA met in Lisbon, Portugal, for its annual member meeting, and for the FOE Focus On Europe Conference. The event was a top opportunity for networking and learning, held this year at the Holiday Inn Lisbon Continental hotel. With its 100+ delegates, and organised by The Recycler magazine, the FOE Conference is the 2nd largest industry event in Europe after remanexpo@paperworld. On Thursday, ETIRA held its internal Board meeting and annual statutory meeting. The association approved its 2015 financial statements and the 2016 budget. Members evaluated the 2015/2016 activities and the work done by ETIRA in the past 12 months, They also assessed the priorities for 2016. Thursday afternoon and Friday morning saw an impressive group of FOE Speakers adressing the floor on many topics facing remanufacturers today. Industry magazine The Recycler will report extensively on the many presentations. And the Thursday Cocktail and Dinner were great for informal networking and new bizz opps !

ETIRA elects new Board of Directors
On Thursday, ETIRA elected a new Board of Directors for the mandate 2016-2018. Mr Christian Wernhart (Embatex) was re-appointed as association President, while  David Connett, founding Member of ETIRA and Vice-President, stepped down. Also departing were Carsten Edelmeier of OCP and Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage of ARMOR. New faces on the Board included ARMOR’s MD for Office Printing Gerwald van der Gijp, The Recycler’s Stefanie Unland, and Jörgen Wonisch, CEO of Greenman in Sweden. They joined re-elected Members Philippe Guenin (LVL), Jan-Michael Sieg (KMP), Javier Martinez (Consuprint), and Joachim Kretschmer (Pelikan).

ETIRA says “Thank You” to David Connett and Christian Wernhart
Former editor of The Recycler David Connett, founding ETIRA Member and Vice-President since its creation, stepped down from the Board. In Lisbon, the industry and ETIRA paid hommage to a man who has been instrumental in the growth of this industry. Having started as a remanufacturer himself, he went on to buy industry magazine The Recycler in the 1990’s, and built it into the #1 industry magazine worldwide. The success of the magazine was reinforced by the many trade reman shows, first small in Paris, then larger and larger shows in Barcelona, Düsseldorf, and today in Frankfurt. And throughout he has focused on building the remanufactured common brand, and bringing the industry together. Over Dinner at the FOE Conference, ETIRA President Wernhart presented David with the ETIRA Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of his major contributions to ETIRA and it Members. ETIRA also thanked Mr Christian Wernhart: the 2nd President since 2006, he celebrated 10 years at the helm of the trade association. Wernhart said he was very happy because it was unexpected and he had not rememberd that already 10 years had passed, so it was a very nice surprise.
ETIRA thanks organizers The Recycler magazine and main sponsor Static Control, plus co-sponsors Embatex, Biuromax and OWA Armor, for a very succesful 2-day event in Lisbon !!


New EU Ecolabel criteria for imaging equipment favor remanufactured cartridges, and outlaw clever chips

In December 2013, the EU Commission published the criteria for the new EU Ecolabel for imaging equipment. The new Ecolabel will be available only to printers that accept remanufactured cartridges and were designed while taking reuse of cartridges in consideration. Moreover, the new rules say that anti-reutilisation devices/practises may not be present or applied. And to avoid all misunderstandings, OEM’s must include the following message in the instruction manual of any Eco-label approved printer: ‘The cartridges of this equipment are designed for reuse. It is recommended to reuse the cartridge as this is saving resource.’ Compulsory take-back system prefers reuse over recycling, and ensures that clones are excluded from EU ecolabeling OEM’s selling printers claiming the Ecolabel must offer to users a take-back system for the return of toner and/or ink modules and containers supplied or recommended by the applicant for use in the product, in order to channel them to reuse and/or material recycling with preference given to reuse. Third parties (i.e. remanufacturers and brokers) may be subcontracted to perform this task and they shall be provided with instructions for proper handling of residual toner. Non-recyclable product parts shall be properly disposed. ETIRA welcomes the new rules. The new imaging equipment Ecolabel criteria are the clearest evidence yet that the EU Commission prefers remanufacturing of cartridges, as they are the best eco-friendly solution. The EU acknowledged that clever chips are the key handicap to reuse, and that these devices and practices are not allowed on any printer that wants to qualify under the Ecolabel logo. The new criteria are in force until late 2017, so ETIRA expects that OEM’s will gradually bring more and more printer models in compliance. ETIRA expects that in the long run,  the Ecolabel criteria may well become the “gold standard” which all public bodies across the EU will use when they put out a new tender for printers. And ETIRA expects that private businesses will follow suit”.


ETIRA is short for European Toner & Inkjet Remanufacturers Association. ETIRA represents the interests of the European inkjet and toner cartridge remanufacturers and related service providers/compatibles manufacturers, etc. in Europe. Created in 2003, ETIRA members now account for over 40% of industry turnover. Today, ETIRA is the recognized industry body for all topics affecting cartridge remanufacturing. A non-profit organisation in accordance with Belgian law, its statutory seat is Brussels, with a Secretary General’s office in Breda, The Netherlands. Read more…

European Toner & Inkjet Remanufacturers’ Association, Vincent van Dijk, Secretary General, Grieglaan 7 , 4837 CB Breda, The Netherlands . Tel.: +31 6 414 614 63 . Fax.: +31 76 56 404 51 .
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