Industry goals

Remanufacturing is a growing industry and global business success story, underpinned by sustainable manufacturing practices. The reuse of cartridges is the most environmentally friendly and efficient method of supplying demand for printer parts.


We aim to make remanufactured ink and toner cartridges a first choice for consumer and business printer users throughout Europe.

ETIRA was created to develop a clear identity for the European remanufacturing industry and to facilitate the representation of its interests and views to politicians, regulators, business stakeholders, the media and consumers in Europe.

The ETIRA Code of Conduct represents a collective vision and set of values for companies in our industry, many of which are small and medium-sized enterprises. It defines what we are, and what we want to become. It clearly connects what we do with the increasing importance society and business is giving to environmentally-friendly, ethically sound practices.

ETIRA has clear messages about the importance of the remanufacturing industry for the following key stakeholder groups:

  • Businesses – remanufactured products gives real freedom of purchasing, value and quality, offering an environmentally-friendly and ethical alternative in printer and copier consumables.
  • Legislators and regulators – remanufacturing generates significant economic benefits for Europe by embodying the principles of waste reduction and re-use/recycling at the heart of European policy; legislation should support, not hinder, its continued growth.
  • Environmental bodies – remanufacturing is a truly “green” industry, the continued growth of which will have tremendously positive benefits in reducing pollution and waste across Europe.
  • Consumers – remanufactured products offer quality and value, and make a real difference to the environment.
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