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Waste transport

EU Member States treat waste cartridge transports very differently: in some countries you can ship empties destined for remanufacturing fairly easily, in particular because many charities are involved in the collection schemes, but other Member States request prior notification and sorting hazardous/ non-hazardous, while again other Member States insist that full permission from the authorities for the transport is required before any transport can even start !
The differences in classification are a permanent headache for remanufacturers, who are often subjected to arbitrary bureaucratic measures instead of being supported as we perform an environment-friendly task !

As a principle, ETIRA argues that our products should be classified as raw materials, not as waste. Under the new Waste Framework Directive which will enter into force in 2010, EU and national authorities should become more receptive to our cause.

More details ? Please ask the Secretariat.

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