This is the third in our series to promote Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

Why recycling is important

Today, recycling is the most positive impact you can make to the world we live in.

You have all seen the pictures of fish, large and small, eating plastic in the oceans. Recycling is how we protect the natural environment and ourselves.

We need to act fast and act now, or we will continue to create more and more waste.

9 Reasons to Recycle

  1. Creates jobs
  2. Protects ecosystems and wildlife
  3. Protects people
  4. Saves energy
  5. Conserves natural resources
  6. Climate-changing carbon emissions
  7. Reduces landfill waste
  8. Is cheaper than waste collection and disposal
  9. Reduces incineration

When it comes to your toner and inkjet cartridge, make sure you get it recycled ready for reuse.

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