ETIRA talks Green Deal with EU Commission

June 16, 2021

In late May, ETIRA President Javier Martinez spoke with representatives of the EU Commissioners about cartridge reuse. The short online meeting came as a reply to our 2020 request for a general discussion with the EU on the Green Deal.

ETIRA President, Javier Martinez

During the meeting, President Javier Martinez (pictured left) underscored the need to have cartridge reuse included in related EU policies such as the Green Deal and Circular Economy, and more specifically in the EU Sustainable Product policy and the EU ecodesign policy. We stressed that cartridge reuse is textbook circularity and merits full support from the EU Commission and the Member States to grow its market share. We asked for EU action against OEM tactics prohibiting reuse and against imports of single-use non-OEM newbuilt cartridges. We also insisted that the EU’s 2020 Green Public Procurement criteria that support the use of remanufactured cartridges should become mandatory across the Member States. Regarding the VA, we reiterated our position click here.

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