ETIRA welcomes the forthcoming EU Circular Economy Action plan

February 10, 2020

Draft paper on EU Circular Economy Action Plan announces regulatory measures on printers and consumables in Eco-design Directive promoting circularity in energy-related products.

Brussels, 10 February 2020 – A draft Communication from the EU Commission on the EU Circular Economy Action Plan says that as a priority, regulatory measures for printers and consumables such as cartridges, will be included in the EU eco-design Directive promoting circularity in energy-related products (2020-2024 Working Plan).

ETIRA acknowledges the strong determination and congratulates the EU Commission and the member states to speed up and advance the circular economy, for a cleaner and more competitive Europe, something that has been in ETIRA’s DNA since it was created.

Javier Martinez, President of ETIRA, commented on the draft proposals. “Waste prevention, green jobs creation and climate change defence actions, are all well addressed in the draft plan. We are pleased that following ETIRA’s long term campaign, we now see printers and cartridges as one of the priority eco-design actions for the EU.  This is something ETIRA has been asking for quite some time, and ETIRA is fully committed to it!

The plan represents a huge opportunity to rebalance the market, which up to now has been challenged because of imported non-compliant products.

As Europe transitions from a linear to a circular economy model, it is crucial that all parties move forward together, and that the doors to Europe are closed to infringing products.

ETIRA continues to support and makes every possible effort to transition to a Circular Economy, which empowers consumers, enables real reduction of waste, delivers a cleaner Europe, and generates new green jobs” .

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