European Toner and Inkjet Remanufacturers Association
Tel.: +31 6 414 614 63
Fax.: +31 76 56 404 51

Application for membership

March 7, 2013

Want to grow your business ? Then join ETIRA

ETIRA represents the interests of the toner and inkjet remanufacturing industry at European level.
Every day, we are working on your behalf:

On our website you will find an in-depth overview of our activities.

Membership is open to any company that remanufactures inkjet, toner or ribbon products, as well as to collectors, brokers, suppliers, services suppliers, technical services & equipment, manufacturing of compatibles, ink, and wholesale/retail sales, etc.
If you qualify under any of the abovementioned business activities, you should join our association so you too can benefit from membership advantages and grow your business.
Over 50 remanufacturing companies and their suppliers are already member of ETIRA, including many major players. For an updated list of ETIRA members, please look on the homepage of this website (under the “Find Members”-section).

To join us now, you only need to download here the application form. Print it, fill it out, and sign it. Then fax it back to us, that’s all!

European Toner & Inkjet Remanufacturers’ Association, Vincent van Dijk, Secretary General, Grieglaan 7 , 4837 CB Breda, The Netherlands . Tel.: +31 6 414 614 63 . Fax.: +31 76 56 404 51 .
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