Mr Heinz Sieg: A message from ETIRA

January 18, 2023

It is with great sadness that we at ETIRA have learnt about the recent passing of Mr Heinz Sieg, one of the founders and first Board members of ETIRA, and its first Treasurer.

Heinz is founder of the well-known ETIRA member-company KMP,  currently led by his son and current ETIRA Board member Mr Jan-Michael Sieg.

Heinz was a visionary who saw the benefits of cartridge reuse long before others did, and a real entrepreneur who built KMP from scratch into the no. 1 industry firm it is today. 

ETIRA has always greatly valued Heinz’s contribution to our industry, as well as his vision on its future development. As such he united the industry, and gave it a strong foundation. 

ETIRA has expressed its condolences to Mr Jan-Michael Sieg and his family.

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