ETIRA supports two consumer associations criticising HP

December 21, 2023

Recently, the European Toner and Inkjet Remanufacturers Association (ETIRA) has publicly announced its support for two leading consumer associations in their criticism of HP’s pricing strategies and the use of Dynamic Security in its products. This announcement is a response to recent developments highlighting HP’s practices that negatively impact consumers and sustainability efforts.

HP’s economic challenges have led to a strategic shift in its approach to Dynamic Security, a technology used to authenticate cartridges. This shift, aimed at expanding the scope of Dynamic Security, is set to lock out more aftermarket consumables. Many printers will only work when connected to the internet, and they lock out non-new HP cartridges. As a result, consumers are forced to rely on HP’s more expensive ink and toner cartridges. This move increases costs for consumers and poses a significant setback for sustainability efforts.

Recent reports in the Dutch consumer magazine Consumentengids and a study by the UK’s Which? have brought to light the significant price increases in HP ink cartridges, with some soaring by as much as 58% since 2011. These increases notably outstrip the inflation rate for the same period. Additionally, original printer ink remains prohibitively expensive, costing more per millilitre than luxury items like Dom Perignon Champagne and The Macallan Whisky.

ETIRA stands with the consumer associations in calling out these practices. The association emphasizes that limiting the use of refilled cartridges burdens consumers financially and undermines efforts to promote environmental sustainability. In an era where consumer rights and eco-friendliness are increasingly prioritized, HP’s tightening of Dynamic Security features appears misaligned with these values.

ETIRA urges HP to reconsider its strategy, focusing instead on policies that support consumer choice and sustainable practices, like cartridge reuse. The association believes that such a change is not only in the best interest of consumers but is also crucial for the long-term reputation and trust of the HP brand.

ETIRA remains committed to advocating for fair, competitive practices in the toner and inkjet market, ensuring that the rights of consumers and the importance of sustainability are upheld.

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